We can pick-up your bike and return anytime, or fix it while you wait!

About Us

Sprocketman is a small Sydney-based business servicing the CBD and surrounds to provide the highest level of bicycle servicing right to your door at home or at the office … and its as easy as ordering a pizza!

Boasting a full range of parts and accessories onboard, and using only the best tooling and equipment, we offer a free pick-up/ drop-off service or, being completely mobile, we can fix your bike while you wait! 

Whether it’s your race machine, your ride to work, or just your Sunday cruiser, we understand your bike is more than just a bike, and we’ll treat it like it’s our own.

Mobile Workshop

There’s no need for us to enter your home or workplace. All work is performed entirely from within a mobile workshop vehicle. Just meet us at the front door (or anywhere you like) and we’ll return with your freshly serviced bike!

Payments Options

We happily accept Cash, Visa and MasterCard.

No Callout Fees

We do not charge any callout, or pick-up/ drop-off fees within a half-hour drive of the CBD. If you’re outside this area, just contact us for a quote.

All Hours Service

Need a repair or a new part before a race tomorrow? Early morning or late night call-outs may be available on request for an aditional charge. Please text us on 0478 193 455 for availability and pricing.


Choose your Sprocketman Mobile Service!




Need a check-up? The tune-up service will make sure your bike is safe and running smoothly. 


Recommended every 3-6 months

Drive train – Light degrease and re-lube.
Brakes – Checked and adjusted.
Gears – Checked and fine-tuned.
Wheels – Minor true and tension check.
Bottom Bracket –  Checked and adjusted.
Headset –  Checked and adjusted.
Frame – Wipe down and safety check.
Tyres – Wear and pressure check.
Test Ride!





Breathe new life into your tired bike with a thorough degrease and total drivetrain overhaul. 


Recommended every 6-12 months

Drivetrain – Completely disassembled, degreased and reinstalled.
Brakes – Adjusted & pads/ rotors cleaned and resurfaced.
Gears –  Aligned and fine-tuned.
Wheels – Rims cleaned, trued and tension-checked. Hubs adjusted.
Bottom Bracket – Removed &  overhauled.
Headset – Removed & overhauled.
Cables – Cleaned and lubricated.
Frame – Inspected, cleaned and polished.
Tyres – Wear and pressure check.
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Complete frame strip and rebuild. Intensive clean and degrease with all components individually serviced.

Recommended every 1-2 years

About as close as you’ll get to a brand new bike, the “Full Overhaul” leaves nothing on your bike untouched. Along with everything included in both of the other services combined, we’ll strip your bike down to the bare frame and rebuild it with fresh grease and lubricants after cleaning, degreasing and servicing each component individually. We’ll even install new cables and bleed the brakes free of charge if required!





Taking your bike on a plane? Bought a new bike and need it assembled?

We charge a flat rate of just $69 to fully assemble a bike out of a box… or to safely pack it back into one!




If one of our normal service options doesn’t suit your needs exactly, just book us by the hour! 

Custom bookings are charged at $89/hour (in half-hour increments) with a $69 minimum per booking. Please contact us with your needs so we can estimate the time needed for your job and book you in! 


Book Your Service Online

For most bookings, we’ll service your bike while you wait, but in some cases (for larger jobs etc.) we may have to take your bike to our workshop and return it to you at an agreed time.

Pricing is per bike. If you have multiple bikes that require servicing, please refresh your page and make a separate booking for each.

Discounts are available for bookings of 4 or more bikes,  fleet servicing, and recurring service contracts! Please contact us via the contact form below to arrange a suitable schedule and price.

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